Core Team information:

Tatiana Bacchus - Director/Co-Producer,

Owner/Senior Producer, Teaspoon & Pound Media 

Stephanie Malson - Co-Producer/Camera 2. Vimeo Page

Tom Quigley - Director of Photography. 2017 Reel 

Ian Gillies - Assistant Editor. Vimeo Page 

Cécile Accilien, Ph. D. - Contributing Producer, 

Associate Professor

Director, Institute of Haitian Studies
Department of African and African-American Studies
The University of Kansas

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(Left to Right) Tom Quigley - Cinematographer, Tatiana Bacchus - Director/Co-Producer, Stephanie Malson - Co-Producer/Camera 2 and Ulrick Jean-Pierre!

January 2018 

A letter from Director, Tatiana Bacchus:

Hello and Happy New Year,

I am the great-grandchild of a beautiful, strong, and visionary people.  As I look around, however, I find little evidence of the incredible contributions made by Haitians and members of the Haitian diaspora in the media.  

My need to fill this void, has brought me to the work of Ulrick Jean-Pierre, a Haitian master painter who has been compared to greats such as Jacques-Louis David, Eugène Delacroix, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti!  Ulrick's work is breathtaking, inspiring, haunting and packed with historical authenticity. He is documenting Haitian history and the history of the Americas, canvas by canvas.

When I entered the field of cinema in 2008 as a new independent filmmaker, I was exposed to many conversations centered around the lack of positive representation of people of color in the media. The more I heard, the more I wondered why stories such as Ulrick’s weren’t being told.

As a young Haitian-American child growing up in the 80’s, I heard nothing about Haiti as the first black republic and the second independent country in the Western hemisphere and the Haitian people that related to their contributions to the liberation of others or to their adopted countries.  All I heard was that it was the poorest county in the Western Hemisphere. I still wonder why we never hear that Haitians had designed and built New Orleans in the image of their beloved city Cap Haitien, that a Haitian founded Chicago, that Haitian women were leaders in the fight for their independence, and Haitians have been making critical contributions to the world for centuries!

We intend to distribute this film widely throughout the United States and internationally. Our goal is to complete the film by Summer of 2018, in time for it to be shown in conjunction with the events celebrating the 300th anniversary of the birth of New Orleans.

Independent filmmakers scrape and fight for every frame they capture, oftentimes without the backing of studios or major funders. We fight for stories that we believe deserve to be told. In a world with so much negativity and bigotry, I am elated to be able to bring a story to life that resonates hope, love for humanity and artistry that knows no bounds.

I hope you will join us on this journey to elevate Ulrick's story now and in the coming months. I thank you for your time, your consideration and your anticipated support so I can bring Haiti’s history and culture alive through the eyes and brushes of Ulrick Jean-Pierre.

Be well,

Tax-deductible contributions can be made by check to our fiscal sponsor, Allied Arts Foundation with notation "Ulrick Documentary", and sent to:  Allied Arts Foundation, 4111 E. Madison Street, Suite #52, Seattle, WA 98112.
Your tax deductible contributions will be used for the following production and post production expenses: crew travel, crew stipends, equipment rental, hard drives, editing and audio mix and mastering.

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